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Christopher Yurkow Bio

Film Director

Chris Yurkow


Above all else, Chris knows to tell a memorable story. His strength lies in the ability to deliver a rare combination of compelling visuals and believable performances. From serious dialogue to light-hearted humor, Chris leverages subtleties to engage, entertain, and captivate. As a former Creative Director, Chris is comfortable collaborating with clients and colleagues to craft executions that ring true.

Partly due to Chris’ formal theater training, working with actors one of his favorite parts of the process. This connection is obvious in the work. His sensitivity and painstaking efforts to create a supportive environment through mutual respect results in natural, understated performances, and a level of believability not often found on the small screen.

Chris has applied his extensive writing and directing talents to a wide range of projects, from television commercials and webisodes to documentaries and interactive programs. He has also been the driving force behind numerous award-winning projects from script to screen.