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Executive Producer

John Ficalora

John Ficalora, Executive Producer

Most people don’t begin their careers at the age of 12. John did. Working for his father, Toni Ficalora, John learned from one of the premier tabletop directors in the commercial industry. During those years, John gained experience in all areas of the film business, eventually becoming Toni’s Executive Producer.

John later signed on as a Producer with Ridley Scott Associates (RSA/USA). His experience quickly expanded from tabletop to live action. After RSA/USA moved their main office to Los Angeles, John remained in New York as a freelance Producer/Assistant Director, working with the top companies in the industry, including Paul Weiland Film Company, Lucas Films, and Tony Kaye Films. It is during this time John met Director, Christopher Yurkow, and began a working relationship that has spanned some 15 years. 

John believes collaboration is the key to being a great Executive Producer. Whether he’s working with Chris to devise a creative approach, or helping clients strategize an execution that meets their budget, John’s guidance and expertise is always an invaluable asset.

He often says, “It’s simple, my job is to find solutions that satisfy everybody’s goals.” In truth, that’s not so simple. Making it look that way is what sets John apart.